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Save the date for the Annual Fundraiser Gala.  

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Calvin Howard Memorial Recognition
The Black Police Association of Greater Dallas (BPA) has lost a great pioneer. Calvin Howard, one of the original founders of the BPA, made his life transition on April 4, 2020. Howard also served as a past association president. This great man served for 30 years in the military and over 40 years in law enforcement. In 1975 our founders had to hold secret meetings in a frat house on Good Latimer to talk as a group. Imagine being warned not to form an association to speak up for your own ri...

Back the blue with a law enforcement calendar on Good Morning Texas
Back the blue with a law enforcement calendar was featured on Good Morning Texas. View TV coverage with interviews, calendar contributors and more!**Originally Posted MONDAY, 03 DECEMBER 2018

Don't Forget - This Friday 10/26, 9am Channel 8 will feature BPA!
Tune in to channel 8, ABC News on Friday October 26th, 9am. They will be featuring the Black Police Association Gaining Ground and Growing 2018-2019 Calendar launch Fashion Show! Featuring officers from two amazing agencies: The Dallas Police Department and The Dallas County Sheriff Department. You wont want to miss it! - The Black Police Association **Originally Posted MONDAY, 22 OCTOBER 2018

The BPA was formed to openly challenge the Dallas Police Department's race and gender bias policies, duality and disparate treatment of the people of color and women.

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